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Our expertise in glass, crystal, and porcelain provides us with a unique ability to create and manufacture elegant and highly distinguished cremation urns for private labels, funeral home displays, or custom made urns for your loved one. 


Lukáš Jaburek

Glass is the most beautiful material because it always has something extra and that is its perfect optics. Glass never lies, it speaks with its reflection and pure soul. I combine traditional glass craft with contemporary design. I insert a story and a certain symbolism into each work, which refers not only to the author but above all, to the work itself; its essence and inspiration. I like to combine colored enamel and demanding hand cutting, which gives each works a distinctive expression and atmosphere. The work then inspires emotions and is an essential architectural part of the interior. 


Artist Biography 

Glass artist, designer, and glass master, Lukas Jaburek has won many prestigious awards during his distinguished career, among them the  Public Award of the highly esteemed Czech Grand Design Competition 2012 for the design of Hruska and Kolorit Vases and in 2019 the Tableware International Awards of Excellence Award. His works have been showcased in select renowned galleries worldwide. A graduate of the Vocational School of Glass and the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Novy Bor, Lukas Jaburek served until 2018 as the Chief Artistic Director at the world-renowned Moser Glassworks in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic. 


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Bringing Your Memories to Life 

Your imagination is our inspiration

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